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Our Goal is to Serve

Our goal is to serve and provide employers a simple and affordable alternative to sending their employees to an off-site drug testing/collection location by coming to their jobsite. This alternative increases productivity, returns employees to their jobs with less time lost, and saves the company money. There isn't a need for supervisors to transport employees to off-site clinics when a Post-Accident or Reasonable Suspicion requires a test. Our goal is to be a reliable alternative and to accommodate the employer with their testing needs 24/7.

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Workmen's Comp Info

A significant reduction in the number of workplace accidents follows the introduction of a Drug-Free Workplace Program. The reduction in the number of workplace accidents lead to a reduction in the worker's comp premium based on your company's accident history. Approximately 40 states allow the insurance companies to deny workplace comp benefits to an employee who tests positive for drugs or alcohol following an accident. You need to have a drug-free workplace program in place in order to test employees following an accident.

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On-Site Collections

Protocol Drug and Alcohol Testing will come to your place of business during regular business hour or for after hours emergency calls. Whether your needs are local, or for example, you need a post-accident drug and alcohol test done a hundred miles away, we are not limited to where we will go to service your need. Our drug testing services not only include urine drug and alcohol testing but also include hair follicle and nail testing for Non-Dot purposes. We would be happy for you to call or contact us today for more information about our services.

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Summary of Tests

DOT Approved Breath Alcohol Testing Instruments (CMI Intoxilyzer 400 PA)
• On-Site Drug Collections DOT and NON DOT 24/7
• Breath Alcohol Testing
• Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians
• Pre-employment, Post-Accident, Random, Return to Duty, Follow-up, Court Ordered, Students, Probation, Reasonable Suspicion, Workers Compensation and Individual Testing.

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